Employer Rights

  • Exemption from applicability of workmen's Compensation Act, 1923 in respect of employees Covered under the scheme.
  • Exemption from applicability of maternity Benefit Act, 1961 in respect of insured women.
  • Right to be represented on ESI Corporation, Medical Benefit Council and' other important committees of the Corporation that may be formed from time to time.
  • Right to be supplied requisite Forms as may be required for fulfilling any obligation under the ESI Act.
  • Right to recover employees share of contribution on the spot from the wages of insured persons.
  • Right to appeal to Employees' Insurance Court in case of any disputes.
  • Right to seek exemption from the applicability of the Scheme in case benefits provided by the Management are substantially similar or superior to those available under the ESI Scheme.
  • Right of access to all essential information concerning the applicability of the Act, benefits, contribution, inspections and other procedures.